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Climate Change Ecolution

GreenMix Fuel can eliminate 45% (CO) carbon emission, and up to 80% of other toxic chemicals emitted from the gasoline of an automobile engine. It’s the only fuel product that inhibits methanol and ethanol to absorb water, therefore prevents the corrosion of metal and hardening of plastics in motor engines.

GreenMix Fuel increases regular unleaded gasoline Octane from 87 to 98 and higher, while enhancing the performance of the automobile engine. It also removes harmful substances emitted from the gasoline exhaust of an automobile engine.

Key Benefits

Our GreenMix Fuel blends are projected to generate an annual revenue of over $1.6 Billion and over $53 Million of Net Operating Income.

Over 420 new jobs are to be created: 120 local plant workers, 300 related transport/gasoline market jobs, logistics, and marketing jobs.

Our GreenMix Fuel Processing Plants products will help its upstream and downstream energy fuel customers in meeting California Low-Carbon Fuel Standards and Federal requirements.

Key Benefits

Our GreenMix Fuel Processing Plants products will help to reduce over 45% (CO) carbon emission, while reducing nearly 6 Million tons of carbon.

Based on current related carbon credit pricing of $50/ton, potentially this will provide our OMNI OZ FUND with an additional $265 Million to $300 Million of carbon credit value can be generated to our Net Income.

  • Carbon Reduction

    GreenMix Fuel

    Reduces the gasoline carbon exhaust footprint by 45% (CO), and up to 80% HC, PAHS, and all other toxic contents.

  • Horsepower

    GreenMix Fuel

    Enhances Horsepower  performance of the  auto engine by 3%.

  • MPG & KM/H

    GreenMix Fuel

    Increases MPG & KM/H up to 10%.

  • Maintenance

    GreenMix Fuel

    Extends regular auto maintenance service up to 20,000 km/h or 13,320 miles.

  • High Octane

    GreenMix Fuel

    Protects engines by helping gasoline burn completely and by cleaning up carbon accumulation and can increase Octane by 10 Points.

  • Eco Fuel

    GreenMix Fuel

    Production process is eco-friendly and pollution free with less Carbon footprint.

  • BBLS Saved

    GreenMix Fuel

    Can save up to ~25 million barrels per year of crude oil from each 1,500,000 MT/YR GreenMix Fuel Plant in operations.

  • Production Facility

    GreenMix Fuel

    1,500,000 MT/YR production facility can easily be set-up and operational within 16 months. Does not require special permitting. Zero waste.