75+ Years Experience

The Omni OZ Fund, LLC Management Team thrives on its research, financial analysis, innovation and development for best-of-breed Green Energy Fuels as a key climate change solution.

Diversified Managment

Omni has a diversified management team in capital markets, energy, sustainability solutions, cleantech IP, engineering and large-scale commercial and industrial real estate development projects.

Social Impact

The management team is built around “Futurists with Realism” in financial and project planning and management, and the development for our future in global energy needs.

Experienced Management

Kevin Donovan

Fund Manager | Board Member

Strategist, futurist, marketer, licensor and master brand architect in energy, real estate project development, cyber intelligence, licensing, digital media, sports, gaming and global non-profits. Director of Image for Salt Lake 2002 Olympics. Co-founded and funded 15 private start-ups and 5 public companies. Responsible for vision, strategic direction, strategic business partnerships, M&As, project management, P&L, operations and revenue generation.

Paul Moore

Fund Manager | Board Member

International business executive and entrepreneur with 40 years experience in technical roles, CEO, MD, CIO, and Board  positions. Founder, investor and mentor of diverse tech startups. Proven excellence in assessing business operations to significantly increase market share value and improve results of reorganization, and M&A’s. Trusted in solving complex tech and  operational issues, with an expertise in unifying and centralizing management of diverse technologies to improve results.

Aven Tuan

Fund Manager | Board Member

President of Greenmix Energy Corporation. 35 years experience with corporations in architecture, design, financing of large scale commercial and industrial developments. Financing and ownership of original clean, green fuel technology IP. Formed, co-managed and operated several joint ventures in USA and Asia. Masters Degree in Architecture from Rice University.

Christopher McHugh


30 years in Financial Asset Management. Co-founder, Vice Chairman, Turner Investments, peak managed +$27 billion in Assets. Delivered high returns to pension funds, institutional investors. Expert financial analyst in hi-tech, semiconductors, platforms in environment and global markets. Member of the Board of Trustees at Philadelphia University and Episcopal Academy in Philadelphia. Bachelor Degree, Philadelphia University and MBA, St. Joseph’s University.

Edgar James Swaab


Edgar James Swaab, Nyenrode Business University, BBA, Delft University, MBA, University of Amsterdam, Law degree. Edgar moved to the World Bank in Washington in 1983, Rothschilds New York, 1984, where he headed the Fixed Income Distribution team outside North America, became Junior Partner, 1986 and Partner, 1987. In 1988, Edgar set up his own business with backing of major European financial institutions. Edgar then acquired interests in various private equity vehicles and in 2002, decided to concentrate on his family office.

Victor Hsia

Board Member

35 years career experience with corporations in technology, energy platforms, eco buildings systems, building materials, sustainability and green technologies. Formed and co-managed and operated several joint ventures in China. Masters Degrees from both UCLA and University of Utah.